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Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

As the much quoted "Sweet Brown" Wilkins once reminded us in her viral interview spot: "Ain't nobody got time for that!" But actually, Sweet Brown, you do have time for that. At ABOUT SPACE, we are all about, well, space. Specifically, making space - making space in your closet, making space in your life, making space in you busy schedule. So what have you been putting off? Do you have a cluttered counter that needs tidying? When was the last time you made a full sweep of all of the toys in the playroom? When are you going to make that dentist appointment or pay that lab bill? Or maybe you just need to file the paperwork? When can you make the space and time to conquer all of those nagging little to-dos that you have been trying to get done? The answer is: every day.

I know life is hectic for everyone. Personally I have a new baby and a toddler, a full time crazy job in fashion and a commute that eats up 10 hours per week. But when you really think about the time you have available to you, you realize that here are so many time wasters that you participate in on a daily basis that squander the very precious free time that you do have. Think about the last time you fell down the social media rabbit hole? Was checking in on your 7th grade buddy's Christmas tree decoration or political views really worth the time that you spent on it? What about watching that rerun of Modern Family? You've already seen it once, was it so good that you need to re-watch it right this very moment? Or any/all binge watching? Did you feel good about that Orange is the new Black marathon afterward? I can tell you from experience, that the answer is no.

Recently I challenged myself to make 15 minutes a day available for a predetermined goal. I was able to make it happen by being more mindful of my time wasters. Last week I built my website, this week I started blogging, next week, I'm going to start writing an E-book. And seriously, it was as easy as it switching off the tv or putting down my iPhone and dedicating 15 minutes every day.

Often that 15 minutes turned into an hour that would have been previously lost to a time waster. I was amazed at all of the little and big things I was able to check off of my to-do list by just being more mindful of my time and making 15 minutes a day available for things I really needed (and sometimes actually wanted!) to get done. So as this year comes to a close and a bright and shiny new year arises- how will you make space for what you need to do? Ain't nobody NOT got time for that!

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