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Did you know that Monday was National Clean your Desk Day?

Yeah..I missed it too. But the week ain't over yet. THERE IS STILL TIME TO CLEAN YOUR DESK. Here are 3 tips on how to tackle the biggest desk clutter nemesis: PAPER.

1) Employ T.I.O.: Touch it once.

Try to touch every piece of paper only once EVER. It's a fun game we Professional Organizers like to play. If it's in your hands and it is obviously trash or recycling, throw it in the trash or recycle bin WHEN IT LEAVES YOUR HAND. I know this sounds obvious, but I cannot tell you how many pieces of junk mail I come across mixed in with important paper items. Toss it! See? Ohmmerrgerrsooooofunyourgonnalovethisgamesomuch!

2) Be the Chip and Joanna Gaines of your desktop by giving papers their forever home:

Did you know that a pile of papers is just the end result of deferred decisions?


But seriously folks...If you have a decent filing system in place, you can clear those pesky paper stacks easily. If you have one already - it's time to reassess - is it still working? What can be improved? I can (and probably will) pontificate at length on a good filing system, but the most important part is that you find one that works for you. **I'll leave you in suspense for that future filing edition of TTT.

3) Have an action/inbox for paper: You're busy - right? You cannot possibly sort/pay/file/distribute every single piece of paper that comes your way in a day. AS IF. So you need one central place for these items until you get there. Go get something pretty/handsome for your desk. In return for receiving this nice item - YOU MUST AGREE TO EMPTY IT AT A SPECIFIC TIME EVERY WORK DAY. Leave the office at 6? Set an alarm for 5:45 and get all those papers to their homes.

I like this one from Target because it's both Pretty AND Handsome. See what I did there?

Peace, love, and labelmakers y'all!


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