• Meg

Three things Thursday!

Did you know that de-cluttering can also save you money???

So I have been on a frugality kick lately. Before commencing said kick, I had wrongfully assumed that trying to cut costs would totally annoy me and my wannabe baller lifestyle. But, I may have just turned a cheapskate corner. I feel like a price sleuth, investigating the best savings.

Here are 3 ways to de-clutter your bill pay and money mojo and save yourself some well deserved cash.

1) phones

Have you checked your cell phone bill lately? Well I happened to the other day and noticed that it was creeping up and up and up. So I checked out my plan and usage online and was able to make a few changes. I also contacted the support staff and asked if there were any other plans not "showcased" on their website that I might check out. Low and behold - there were! I also removed a tablet from my plan that I never used.

Total savings by de-cluttering my phone bill:

$16.06 per month, AKA $192.72 per year.

Brrrrrinnng. Hear that? Hello savings!

2) car insurance

So as of last weekend, we are the proud owners of a brand new car. With a new car comes insurance updates, and we were really being taken to the cleaners with this addition. So I printed out my current plan and went to several insurance sites for online quotes. I was able to match my current plan line for line on each site. Then, I took the quotes back to my current company and see if they could do better. Turns out, they couldn't. So I now have a new insurance provider.

Total savings by de-cluttering my car insurance bill:

$102.06 per month, AKA $1,224.72 per year.

I KNOW RIGHT!? Steering right into that savings!

3) kids eat free

If you have any kids around that you enjoy spending time with - this is a great tip: I belong to an awesome local moms group, and they keep a current compilation of all of the places in town where kids eat free. I saved their facebook post and we refer to it often for when "oh maybe we just won't cook tonight". Reach out to your parent friends for their suggestions or take note of kid specials when your favorite restaurants offer something for the kids. Keep it on a page in your notebook app for anytime you are just not into using those cooking skillz.