• Meg

3 Things: Cray Cray May?

......Duuuuuuuuuddddes...This month had been NUTS. I have been struggling to keep my head above water in this overpacked month. So we are going to chat travel hacks - because I seriously need to get away...and unpack.

BUT FIRST - I wanted to share my link from my segment with the fabulous Elicia Dover on Good Afternoon Arkansas. We had a little kitchen org chat - check it out here:

So I have gotten...shall we say... a little THRIFTY in my old age? And as much as I like to travel, coupling travel with a deal really makes the vaca extra special. So here are 3 hacks to know when planning your next adventure. (And yes, I realize this technically has nothing to do with organizing, BUT - I truly believe using your time and money wisely goes hand in hand efficiency, productivity, and organization. So there. ;))

1) Frontier Airlines: Do you have kids? If so, you probably don't fly as much as you did pre-kid due to how expensive it is to fly your little people along with you. I would 100% still lap my 5 year old if they would let me. But they like, won't. Rude. So let me tell you about Frontier. YOUR KIDS FLY FREE with their Discount Den program (yes, agreed it's a weird name, but whatev.). So here's the happs on the laps - or rather, no laps: Sign up for their discount den program for $59.99 - then, on valid Kids Fly Free flights, one kid under 15 can fly for free for every adult Discount Den fare purchased. BOOM HELLO BEN WE ARE COMING TO PHOENIX. Also if you don't have kids their flights are pretty darn reasonable. PRO TIP - Frontier does not show up on flight search engines like Expedia and Hotwire, so go directly to the source.

2) Alligiant Air - Okay they don't go a ton of places (especially from LIT), but gosh darn are they cheap. Check 'em out. Alligiant also does not show up on flight search engines like Expedia and Hotwire (noticing a pattern here?), so go directly to the source. Right now they have flights from Little Rock to Orlando for $59. What the what?!