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about | space is a Little Rock based lifestyle service brand committed to providing a more organized and accessible space for both your home life and in your work life. 


Basically, our goal is to make your life better in any way that we can.  Below are some additional services we offer to meet that goal.

Transform and de-clutter your digital space:
•  Streamline bill pay systems
•  Organize your hardrive by setting up easy-to-use digital folder system
• Organize photos and digital photos

Graphic, print, and Web design:

• I have years of experience as a designer and an excellent taste level. Contact me for examples of my work and package pricing.

Make space in your day with our personal concierge service:
• Personal concierge and personal assisting services:  Need to pick up party supplies at Target?  Drop your child's lunch off at school? Return something to Dillard's? Mail something at the post office?  We have you covered.
​• Organizational concierge service: we will find the perfect organizational products for you and your space and budget, buy them, deliver them, and install them.
•  Donation or recycling drop-off with receipts submitted to you via e-mail or snail mail.

• light handyman work

Senior Services:

• Delivery or pick up of items

• Errand running

• Social visits

• Downsizing

• Organizing before a move

• Unpacking after a move

• Taking donations to charity

We are also listed at A Place for Mom - click here for further information

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