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meet megan

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Hi and thanks for visiting about | space!  I’m Megan and I have had a knack for organization and design from a very young age.  I grew up organizing and reorganizing all of the closets in my home because it was so fun for me to put things in order for my family and for myself.  It just made life easier for all of us and provided clarity and order when our busy lives became hectic.


Over time, this anomaly of mine grew into a passion.  I became the friend that everyone called to clean out their closet, organize and “re-set” their wardrobe.  I help my friends and family decide what works for them in their living spaces and what is no longer useful.


After attending college at the University of Kansas and earning my degree in Industrial Design, I began my first professional career as a Handbag and Accessory Designer in NYC.  I worked for and with many recognizable luxury brands over the course of 15 years, creating beautiful and functional accessories, further honing my sense of order, style and aesthetic.


My family and I moved back to the central Arkansas area in the summer of 2016, and I brought my company with me.  I founded about | space because I enjoy helping people improve the quality of their lives by bringing order and efficiency to their lifestyle and their environments.  I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to do the same for you.

Organizing Arkansas, one space at a time.

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