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When "deciding what to wear" takes up too much of your time, you may need to edit your wardrobe and re-assess what is working for you in your closet.  If this seems daunting, why not let about | space help you look your best?  My 15 years in the fashion industry have taught me to easily identify "go to" colors, fabrics, and silhouettes, that best suit you and your personal aesthetic.  I'll work with you to de-clutter and clean out your closet, identify clothing "crutches", find the items that help you look and feel your best, and advise you on how to "fill in the holes" of what your wardrobe may be missing.  If possible, we'll "shop" your closet to set up and photograph "total looks" for you to have at your fingertips.


Additionally, after determining a color and style assessment catered to and for you, I'll set up an online dossier of key pieces in your budget to complete your style transformation.


closet organization, wardrobe consultation, professional organizing
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