• Meg

3 Things Thursday: Garage Nuggets

MmmK that title sounds kinda gross, but we ARE talking garages todays soooo, kinda on par? ALSO check out my organizing tips in Little Rock Family this month (click the photo for a direct link)! PS I have a lot of little nuggets today so thanks for not judging me on going over 3 things! #loveyouthanks

IT'S GARAAAAAAGGEEE SEASON!!!! (to be sing-sung in Oprah voice). The air is cool and the weather is (almost) amiable so it's time to get out there and face that mess. It's about to be the season where you may or may not have your garage door open a whole lot (camping, biking, fishing, general outdoorsy-ness) so don't be that person on the block who looks like they have the junklady from The Labyrinth living where your car is supposed to go. (Google "The Labyrinth" you millennials!). Here are my fave items to help you tame all the stuff that is actually "supposed" to live in your garage.

1) WALL CONTROL- Okay y'all know I LUUURVE me some peg board right? But the idea of hauling and installing giant 8 foot x 4 foot pegboards plus 2-4 long 2x4's can seem er, a little daunting? That's why I really love WALL CONTROL metal pegboard panels. They could not be easier to install (no 2x4's) and they come in much more palatable smaller sizes and SO MANY COLORS. So like, your garage can be a work of art and the envy of your neighbors (which may be a goal, no judgement here).

2) BATTERY STORAGE- so this could go inside your garage or in your utility room, but it's a great little item to store your batteries all in one place. Like pennies, batteries are often found in every drawer (trust me on this). So why not corral them so it looks like you have your act, I mean your batteries, together?

3) Broom/rake/garden tool/anything with a long handle holder: I buy these in bulk for my people. Super easy to install, and at 10 bucks you can easily buy multiple. I really TEST the amount and type of things I can hang on these, 'cause they are awesome and I believe in them.

4) PSA I will NOT be on Good Afternoon Arkansas today (sad face). My regular slot got bumped because it coincided with the Bridal Fair and I GUESS living happily ever after is more important than organizing your garage (but like, is it really?). BUT I will be back on May 9th with lots of great tips on how to organize your kitchen! And you can always check out all of my past segments