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Originally published 4/28/16

So I just booked a ticket to see a seminar by Marie Kondo, the author of the widely acclaimed "The life-changing magic of tidying up". Like Kondo, I've been a life-long "tidy-er" and organizer, but lately, everyone seems to be getting on board the "less is more train". Don't get me wrong, I'm super psyched about more friends at the label maker station, but I gotta say, this is not the first book ever written about decluttering, organizing, and streamlining our lives. So it begs the questions, why Kondo? Why everyone? Why now?

It only took a glance at my phone and my myriad of apps, email, Amazon prime push notifications, and Instagram feeds to realize the simple reason this phenomenon is making a "clean sweep" across the nation (see what I did there?): Americans are now more inundated with information and all of the stuff that comes with it than we EVER have been before. And while it's great that more and more of us are finally able to "have it all", ironically, we're finding that we have no place to put it.

And what's more, there is no sign of this stuff stream slowing.

It was at this critical point for me that Kondo offered up her very simple, clean, and clear solution. She's all about pairing down what we already have and also filtering out stuff before it has a chance to land in our spaces. Basically: clear the deck and limit the incoming planes by asking the question: does it spark joy? Is it useful? If yes to either question, it stays and finds a home, if the answer is no, it goes. Apply this to all of your stuff and anything coming your way - and PRESTO- watch the magic unfold.

Do you want to know what happened to me after I applied Kondo's life changing method?'s kinda crazy...but my life actually changed. By clearing out clutter and finding homes for the things I did want to keep, I made space in my home, my inbox, and my office for my life to move forward. This method has wiped down my overstimulated brain like a magic eraser. I found myself experiencing more creativity and success designing handbags (my profession) than I have experienced in my entire career. Almost all of my designs landed in the top 10 best sellers for the company. Our creative director approached me to build and design a new luxury collection, and I have been showered with compliments both internally and externally on the work and product I have been producing.

People really started to take notice.

Additionally, I finally fulfilled my life-long dream of becoming a professional organizer. I launched my own company, built a website, and started blogging. I almost always come home to a clean house every night and I've discovered more time for my family. My husband finally kicked off the career change he'd been putting off, and we've made the decision to move out of NYC and closer to family. This clean out process helped to create clarity in my thoughts and in my actions. I've made space for good things to find their way to me, and they have.

So I'm excited to meet Marie Kondo, the woman that has inspired this tidy revolution, and I'm looking forward to thanking her for inspiring such progress in my life.

And speaking of good things happening, as I've been building this article about how life changing this book has been for me, I received a surprising email in my super tidy inbox from Marie Kondo's team: She's decided to offer the seminar I paid for for free, and the refund just showed up in my bank account.

This is the magic I speak of. Go forth and de-clutter! I look forward to hearing of all the magic you find.

Peace, love and labelmakers,


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