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Planes, trains, automobiles...and a bus.

Hi y'all. You may have noticed it's been a bit since my last blogpost/newsletter. Welp, I just so happened to move my entire family from NYC to Maumelle, AR. So I guess you can say I've been a smidgen bit busy. But while the family is officially there, I have been commuting from there to here, and here to there, with a few additional trips in between. And I have one last Asia trip for Henri Bendel to go before I officially hang up my handbag design hat, er, handbag.

I'll delve into some great tips for packing for a move in another post, but today I wanted to focus on packing for trips and travel, as I am temporarily suitcase living.

I was sitting in my good friend Deana's living room repacking my suitcase for the 3rd time that day when she looked at me and said "your suitcase gives me anxiety". I must say I agreed with her wholeheartedly, but what to do? A seasoned traveler, she spilled that she uses "the cubes" and "don't you know about the cubes? and I'm like whatwhatwahhhhh? Well, the cubes are little chunks of genius that house all items of 1 type of clothing and fit all tetris-like into your suitcase. So you basically open up your suitcase to find neatly organized little treasure trove of items (instead of the clothing Kleenex box of a suitcase that I KNOW we've all had goin' on). You have make-up cube, a tee shirt cube, a pajama cube, you get the idea. As Deana put it "there's nothing more satisfying than opening up your suitcase and finding exactly what you need". I can't agree more. Links below, y'all go head and get some cubes! Thanks Deana!

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