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Y'all want some tea?


Hi y'all. The family and I are still transitioning to living in the South. We certainly love it already, but there are several differences that I have already taken into account. One, and this is a big one, is the beverage situation.

1) Free refills are assumed at restaurants (and what is this "to go cup" business that people are asking me if I want? yes, don't mind if I do please),

2) everyone enjoys coke products (mostly), and

3) people love their tea (sweet tea is REAL BIG HERE).

So anyhoo, I am also currently tackling a client's "beverage center" as one of my 1-space-a-day projects (more info on that project soon). This is where she stores all coffee, lemonade, tea, and really any non-alcholic beverage fixins.

There is so much tea being offered nowadays, tea for weight loss, tea to wake you up, tea to put you to sleep, tea for guests, tea for yoga, tea for breastfeeding, you name it and you can drink a tea for it! And of course, good ole Southern Sweet tea (best served in a mason jar y'all!). Again, more about the organization part of the project later, but I wanted to shout out to this tea organizer I just purchased for her. All your tea in one station. Imagine you have a guest over, no more fumbling through bags and bags of tea to find the chamomile (if you're comforting), the earl grey (if you're breakfasting), you get it right? Just pluck this baby off the shelf and you have your own tea shop. Super handy!

(Click the photo for a link!)

Enjoy some tea from a clearly marked gadget why dontcha?


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