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All about: A space a day series, day 2 It's REAL hot out - go clean out yo fri


Hi y'all - I hope everything went well with your beverage centers - next up? The refrigerator. I have a refrigerator clean out process. Because, yes, I'm cool.

I've documented a recent clean-out below, and you can follow along with my handy dandy ANIMATED GALLERY!!!!! Like, whoa...

  1. Clear the deck. You need to make some counter/table/bar/what-have-you space because you are going to:

  2. Take everything out - yes, everything.

  3. Get out those Lysol wipes I hope you buy in bulk and clean out the fridge. Remove the drawers, just do it, you'll feel better.

  4. Let your food and condiments have the family reunion of their dreams. Honey mustard: "oh yellow mustard! Good to see you again! It's been so long! How are Spicy Brown and Grey Poupon? Oh, Grey expired? I'm sorry to hear that. My condolences, but on the bright side there is more room in the mustard compartment! It's what Grey would have wanted." Basically get like things with like things.

  5. Check every expiration and chuck those that don't belong. Be strong. You got this.

  6. Put everything back, but just like taxes, put like things with like things. I have a dairy area, a cheese area, a pickle area, etc.

  7. Containers - I use Tupperware to separate my produce do I don't accumulate the "produce sludge" that happens when our greens are left to roam a little too long.

  8. Sliding clear bins - these are great when say, you love pickles and might have 4 jars of them that you actually do eat. Instead of reaching into the gaping maw of your fridge and knocking everything over with your slender wrists, just slide one of these out to get to the jar in the back. You're welcome. Affiliate link on the photo below.

  9. When all is said and done inside, I like to take everything off the front and wipe down the exterior. Only Re-magnet any info that is still current.

VOILA! Now everything is in its place and maintaining it is easy. Now repeat with the freezer!

If you are too busy to do a clean-out on your own, call me! I can swing by and do it for you (it's one of my favorite spaces to organize, again, because I really AM really cool).

Stay tuned for tomorrow's "junk drawer" edition!

Peace, love, and labelmakers y'all,


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