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All About: A space a day series, day 3 too much junk in the trunk?

day 3: THE junk drawer(s)

Okay I know what you are thinking, the beauty of the junk drawer is that it's for junk, right? Weeeeeellll, you are sorta right. But there needs to be a method to the madness. I think this is where you are going to find so much junk/stuff that you no longer need/want/love that you will be amazed at how much space you have leftover!

before after

1. Bring your garbage can over to the drawer(s) and sort this out. TOSS anything that you will never use again, anything that is broken (trust me, if it's been there this long you will never fix it), or anything that has a missing part.

2. Measure the interiors of your drawers (don't forget the height) and either buy some drawer organizers to fit (I bought this 2 pack really inexpensively at Wal-mart) OR utilize some storage items that you already have around the house. I used a box lid, a small glass dish, and an open tupperware container here. I also really love storing keys/phone/wallet, anything you drop when you walk in the door in a drawer too.

3. Then put back what made the cut. In their respective families of course!

BOOM. Not so junky junk drawers! Stay tuned tomorrow for the last installment of this series where we tackle the pantry!

Peace, love, and labelmakers y'all!


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