• Meg


Did y'all like last week's new Three Things Thursday format? A tip, a task, and a tool? I liked it so much I'm doing it again. Enjoy!

1) Tip

So we just started house hunting ( I know - eeee!!!). And whilst viewing homes I kept thinking about staging and how one's home looks while being shown and how one's home REALLY looks. An un-cluttered home is preferred to pretty much everyone, no? So why do we have clutter laying about? Here's my tip - always treat your home like you're moving. If you come across something tyou are kind of, ya know - meh - about. Ask yourself, if you had to move next week - would you be packing this up? If the answer is no, you know what to do!

2) Task:

Toss out your pens that don't work. How many times have you used a pen, it ran out of ink, and you just put it back in the drawer? To me, this sound crazy, but IT HAPPENS. Don't be that person. Throw them OUT. ;)

3) Tool:

It doesn't seem to matter if you have a gi-normous McMansion kitchen or a tiny Brooklyn apartment kitchen, all kitchens seem cramped for storage space.

This cute little number keeps all of your mixing bowls and measuring cups in 1 small place. AND IT'S CUTE!

Peace, love, and labelmakers y'all!


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