• Meg

3 of things Thurs: Holiday time-saving Hacks

Y'all check me out on #GOODAFTERNOONARKANSAS this afternoon discussing my favorite time saving holiday hacks - links to topics below!

So it's an "Extra" edition of 3 things, because like, it's 5 things, but it's the holiday season so I hope you'll forgive my extra-ness. As mentioned - the holiday season is almost upon us, but that's no reason to stress. There is plenty of time to prep for the onslaught of decorating, parties, events, gifts and routine disruptions. But what if you could make some changes now to free up even more time during this hectic season? I've been collecting a few hacks that can help your holidays go a little smoother.

1) Have other people do the driving AND the grocery shopping. I pretty much avoid the grocery store at all costs. Walmart.com now offers a delivery service for 9.99. And I rationalize it by the fact that if I go myself I will inevitably impulse buy at least that much. Also Whole foods will deliver your food using Prime now for FREE within 2 hours with your prime membership. - which I think is pretty amazing. And let's not forget Instacart! They will deliver from Kroger, Natural Grocers, CVS, Petco, Sam's Club, and The Fresh Market for $5.99. Click on the Instacart underlined link or use my code MLUDVINSKY1AD when you sign up and we both get $10 extra to spend at the holidays!

2) Speaking of delivery - the holiday season is a GREAT time to outsource some meal prep. You can have delicious healthy meals delivered to you and your family for about the same price it would cost to make them yourself, and a whole lot less time. Little Rock and surrounding areas has some wonderful local food prep services that deliver super healthy meals to your doorstep on an "every couple of days" basis. Some of my favorites are Crave Fuel, Healthy Chew, and The Clean Eatery. They drop them right at your porch! They are delicious, nutritious, and super easy for the whole family. (click on the name to get to their site!)

3) Gift Card Granny - Have you ever received a gift card that you didn't redeem? Well at Gift Card Granny you can turn those cards into cards you might actually use, OR purchase new cards at a discounted rate. They pretty much have something for everyone on your list.

****AND if you are worried you might forget about gift cards that your received as gifts, if you have an iphone, you can always go to the reminders app and hit "remind me at location" of wherever your giftcard works.


4) Favorite recipe binder - Many of us tend to make the same tried and true recipes during the holiday season, so instead of going to each separate cookbook or recipe box for each recipe how about