• Meg

3 of things Thurs: Binning

......I've been working on a few Facebook Live videos specifying some of my favorite tools. BUT - I'm a little "Old School" and wanted to jot some down here for you as well AND share my most recent video on Good Afternoon Arkansas showcasing a few products. I hope you'll watch and HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON!

Bins: Here are 3 of my faves

1) Ikea Variera (2 sizes) is my absolute favorite bin to use. These guys are VERY sturdy and take a label very well.

2) The Container Store Multi-Purpose bins (4 sizes) - I use these ALL THE TIME. What's great about them is their height. They are great at holding bottles to folders to magazines.

3) The Container Store Clear Handled Baskets (2 sizes) It's all about the handle here. An easy way to grab a whole lot o' things from hard to reach areas.

(Photo credit: The container store)

Peace, love, and labelmakers y'all.