• Meg

3 of things Thurs: Organized cohabitation

Today Huzzin (long story) and I celebrate 10 years of marital bliss without a bump (snort). So I figured it would be a great day to chat a little bit about some wonderful ways to co-organize with your spouse or partner...aka here are some tricks to store stuff/work together in your home over long periods of time without killing each other.

1) Have less stuff

SEEMS SIMPLE RIGHT??? Not always so. When you are just starting out, most people don't have a lot of stuff, so the topic just may not come up. But you should bring it up early, because one of you will eventually be bothered by the amount of stuff the other of you will accumulate. Regardless of when the convo occurs, it's a good idea to always be a ruthless editor of your things, and continually be respectful of your partner's space.

2) Be mindful or your quirks - Soooooo I may or may not be a recovered cabinet-door-leaver-opener. Yup. It's true. I had a really bad habit of just leaving them slightly and sometime fully ajar. It just didn't bother me. But you know who it drove absolutely batty? Huzzin. So in exchange for some major chore coverage (I never, ever, have to take out the garbage) we made a lovely compromise early in the marriage that I try to be more cognizant on the cabinet doors. Oh - and he has some quirks too that got the heave-ho as well (thank the lort). Don't get me wrong - we still have several on both sides that need work - but a willingness to give and take definitely help things move along in the household.

3) Do projects together Okay YES you may wanna throttle each other if you are laying down some tile in the laundry room - but it doesn't have to be that complicated. Projects will look different for each couple. For example, for my friends M and B this means that M says "Hey B I need you to please book a the pet sitter and yard guy, and B says Hey M I need you to please pick up L and J and grab a gift for the Birthday party Sunday." For Huzzin and me it may be painting our stone exterior facade and for another friend it may be researching and booking excursions together for clients. The idea is to DO SOMETHING TOGETHER FOR A COMMON GOAL OF PROGRESS. It's important, it's teamwork, it's organized, it's productive, and it's good for you both, so just do it.

Peace, love, and labelmakers y'all.