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Y'all I'm on VACA! So I thought I'd do a little recycling. Here's the first ever 3 Things Thursday! All ideas still hold true. Organizing is like, timeless.


Y'ALL. I keep coming across adorable and useful things whilst organizing and thought I might shout them out to you once a week. Sound good? Welcome to the first edition of THREE THINGS THURSDAY!!!!!

Click on the images after the divide for more info!


1) Bird Tape organizer from Nate Berkus' Target "Threshhold" collection. I do love when usable items are also beautiful - case in point:

2) Car seat catch all. Have you ever dropped your phone or keys in that annoying slot in between the drivers seat and the console? Yeahhhh. so have I. It takes aN ODDLY long tome to retrieve them, and have I mentioned how hot it is down here? My make-up slides right down after my phone. Not cute. So I got these little pockets and they have saved me (and my face) a couple times now!

3) Bed side organizer - ATTACHED TO YOUR BED! I have a small bedside table and I just don't care to clutter it up. I use this little guy to organize the things I like to keep close at hand. BONUS - just cover it up with your beautiful duvet during the day.

Peace, Love, and Organizing people!


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