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Howdy! Hope you are having a great week - it's almost over! I hope you tuned in to Good Afternoon Arkansas on Thursday - and in case you didn't, OF COURSE I have a link:

But back to the point of this post - 3 things and all. So I used to LOVE back to school shopping. I'm sure you are not surprised to learn that sharpening and lining up all of my pencils in a cute pencil case thrilled me to no end. But now as I witness the excess of Back to School shopping, my newish minimal instincts kick in. I'm an advocate of using office/school supplies until you can't anymore. And when your hi-lighter finally makes that last dry scratchy line across your sheet, it's time to bid sayonara. So let's talk about school and office supplies: recycling, reusing, and reducing.


1) Recycling: markers

So markers use a lot of plastic, and who knows whats inside that sealed tube besides ink - ammiright? Enter Crayola ColorCycle. Pack up your old used markers and send them back to crayola for recycling.

If you'd like to learn more about recycling office supplies, I found a great article here on Recyclebank.

2) Reusing: you don't need to have and/or buy new office supplies:

Check out freecycle, facebook marketplace, a friend who just graduated, or de-clutter and organize your own desk and possibly discover that you already have what you need. Don't forget, more stuff is not always the answer! Resist the urge to but new stuff if you really don't need it (even if it's like, a re-issue of a Lisa Frank trapper keeper)

3) Reducing: using recycled or recyclable supplies

Lots of companies are trying to reduce our collective carbon footprint by using recyclable materials in their products. Here are some examples that I thought were pretty great! 100% Recycled notebooks, pens made from plastic bottles, and a stapler made completely out of recycled materials. Me likee.

Peace, Love, and Organizing people!


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