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THURZZZZDAY. Helpful App round up!

Let's face it, technology can be annoying, but if you know the right tools, it can make your life immensely easier. Here are some apps that I am loving at the moment!


1) Reduce your physical magazine intake with Texture

I LOOOVE this app! It condenses all of your magazine addiction into a helpful e-mail app. You can swipe pages just like turning them and also save any content you want for a later read. Pretty amazing.

2) Digitize all of your photos and organize them however you want

I am actually in the process of doing this myself and I LOVE this site.

3) Automate your thank-you notes

I always say one of my organizing downfalls is not having good handwriting. I usually suggest to my clients that they write on the labels I provide them (and of course using my chalkboard pen)! Unfortunately that is not an option when I write them thank-you notes. Luckily I have!

They write, print and send them for you. You can even pick out the handwriting that is most similar to yours (but also legible).

Peace, Love, and Organizing people!


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