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Back to school anyone?

So a couple weeks ago I chatted about how to reduce/re-use/recycle school supplies in prep for the new school year. But now, for many of us, school is officially back in full effect. Werd. Whether you are going, bringing, or stuck in the residual traffic (er, sorry?), here are some tips to get you back in the swing of things.


1) Take advantage of evenings. Night time is the right time!

Mornings get crazy when school starts. We have to wake up earlier, there's so much more to plan for and check off - so if you can do something the night before, I say go for it. Here are some things you can do the night before, so you have more time to kick getting ready in gear:

- Set your coffee pot up to run automatically

- Set up anything you can for breakfast (plates out, etc.)

- If you have littles, pick out their clothes the night before

- Make lunches, fill water bottles

- Put away any clutter that may get in your way

2) Alarms - not just for waking up!

Do you have Alexa, Hey Google, or even just a smart phone? How about using them to set a couple of extra alarms? I know Alexa can remind us every morning when we have lingered too long at breakfast, when the bus comes, or when the first bell rings. Try out some extra alarms and see if they work for you and your kids.

3) Have a supply zone near the door:

I have a bin with a handle for extra stuff I don't want to run to my kids rooms and retrieve. Some items in my tote are an extra brush, hair bows and hair ties, a couple pair of socks, a t-shirt (Oliver's a spiller), some wipes, and bandaids - 'cause ya never know. Keep them all in a small bin in an easy to access place.

Peace, love, and organizing people!


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