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Yo yo yo! So I got to chill out on the sofa with the Good Afternoon Arkansas crew on Tuesday BUT due to some inclement weather my segment got bumped to Thursday, October 25th. I hope you'll still tune in! PS everyone weather-wise was okay, just a warning and some doppler action - kind of exciting! :)

SPEAKING of exciting. I have some products to share that make life a little easier and more efficient. Check 'em out below!

1) Head Rest hooks/Tablet holders:

Soooooo, does anyone else have 40 different bags for 40 different events/places/schools to lug around during the week? Asking for a friend. Nothing makes me crazier than a bag of something rando rolling around on the floor of my car. I'm like - IS SOMETHING ALIVE DOWN THERE? Enter: these awesome hooks. They attach easily to your headrest and also double as holders for a smart phone or small tablet for those long car rides with kiddos (or short rides, I don't judge).

And speaking of rain - have you seen these magical little numbers out and about?

2) Inverted Umbrella:

Back in NYC, having your umbrella invert on you in the street was a very bad thing. Basically you had to chuck it immediately. BUT NOW THEY MAKE THEM INVERT ON PURPOSE. Why, you ask? Well, 2 major things - When you invert after using, you trap most of the water on the inside (which WAS on the outside) WHATTTT? I KNOW. Bear with me. No more dripping everywhere. But my fave part is that the inversion acts as a stand, so you don't have to lay it on a pile of inferior sopping wet umbrellas, ya feel me? Pretty sure this is the umbrella that Rihanna wrote about.

3) Spice rails for drawers:

Who knew 6 little pieces of rubber stripping could bring so much joy to your kitchen? The organizational gods have really spiced it up for us with this one. Go ahead and gingerly store your hottest spices right where you use them in a drawer next to your stove or oven, and stop fumbling with toppling towers of turmeric. I actually have 2 drawers of spices, but sometimes I get caraway. ;)

Peace, love, and organizing people!


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