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Happy Thursday y'all - here are today's 3 things!

Links to all the things at the bottom of post!

home organizer little rock

1) I LURVE these chalkboard labels. This set comes with a white chalkboard pen. And if you were not already aware - chalk now comes in paint pen form - and it's pretty neat (in both the cool sense and the tidy sense!). Buy it at Amazon.

organize little rock

2) I really get a charge out of this product

(sorry, had to). I organize client's junk

drawers on a weekly basis, and I find

batteries EVERYWHERE. It's so nice to

have and out of the way place for them

to all live harmoniously in a utility closet.

Have lots of batteries? Buy 2 here at Amazon.

3) Don't y'all just love when an organizational product is both useful and pretty? This is an eggcellent example. All of your itty bitty treasure look beautiful in this ceramic holder.

little rock professional organizer

Have a wonderful weekend y'all! Peace, love, and labelmakers,


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