• Meg


Does your desktop look like a crazy scattered mess (see below for reference of said crazy scattered mess)? If yes, then, please, please, read this blog post.

1) Stop saving stuff to your desktop. Stop saving stuff to your desktop.

If your computer crashes, the stuff on your desktop is the least likely to be recovered. It only takes one more step to save that cat meme to your "cat meme" folder on your hard drive. Don't be lazy (leave that to your cats)!

I repeat, Stop saving stuff to your desktop.

2) Select all those rando files on your desktop and put them in a folder on your desktop called "desktop dump": yup. I said it.

Now open up your hard drive and start creating folders, AKA "homes" for your files. See what I did there? Treat yo computer like yo home!

Now open up that "Desktop Dump" folder. Start dragging all those files to their "homes". But be picky, if it's not worth keeping (photo of your garage sale from 4 months ago, I'm talking to you), drag it to the trash instead.

3) Make an automatic folder for your screenshots (MAC only):

MAC users who take a lot of screenshots (sorry PC users, today is only 2 things Thursday for you) - Here's how to save all those screenshots in one place (instead of just letting them clutter up your desktop)

1) On your Mac - make the folder on your hard drive where you want your screenshots to automatically save. I cleverly call mine "screenshots". Then follow steps 2-5:

2) Open your Terminal app (go through launchpad and search for it or just search in spotlight)

3) Type this is terminal: defaults write com.apple.screencapture location

4) Hit space, then drag your new folder into that terminal.

5) Hit enter

6) Now type: killall SystemUIServer

7) Now sit back and let Terminal do its magic.