• Meg


Y'all. I love a alliteration. Obvi I have a "T" thing going on with Three Things Thursday. Today takes the tomato. Today's Three things tells a tip, a task, and a tool!

Please say that 3 times fast and send me a video.

1) Tip

Clutter is the result of every day life. But how to keep it in check without taking too much time picking up? Try to never leave a room empty handed. One of the kids leave a toy in the kitchen? pick it up on your way to another room. If the toys are stored upstairs, leave it on the stairs to gather before the next time you go up. Magazine arrive today that you want to read in bed? take it with you next time you leave the room. With practice, you will start to do this unconsciously. It's a neat trick. You'll find at the end of the day you have less to pick up and put away!

2) Task:

Toss your take-out menus. Everything is online now, you don't need them anymore!

3) Tool:

Anyone who knows me knows I have this thing about cords. They drive me batty. But take a look at this cute cord organizer. It's kinds Cord-geous!

office organization

cord organizer