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Three things Thursday!

Today's 3 things: A tip, a task, and tool.

1) Tip: The "walk block"

Don't get too excited - this is not a dating tip. This is de-cluttering tip I use in my own home as well as with many of my clients. If I am de-cluttering or organizing or just plain cleaning a room, and I come across an object that does not belong in said room, I put it right smack dab in the doorway exiting that room. This way, when I leave the room, it blocks my exit. Then I have to either walk over the item or pick up and take it where it belongs when I leave the room (spoiler: It's easier to take it to where it belongs).

I also use a similar concept when decluttering bedrooms. I use the bed surface for sorting bedroom clutter (put a towel down if it gives you the creeps). This forces you to completely put away everything on your bed before you can go to sleep. I'm still working on a cutesy name for this tip - the sleeper keeper? I'm open to suggestions...

2) Task: ditch the holiday socks

Y'all ready to get controversial up in here? Ditch your bunny/christmas tree/ghost socks. I know that's a cold burn, but it's the hard truths coming out today in Three Things Thursday. Let's be honest, most holiday socks are poor quality and make your feet hot, no one really sees you wear them, and most of the time you forget you have them until 2 days after the holiday. They take up valuable sock drawer space, they are outdated, and frankly, they are not doing you any fashion favors.

Really socked it to ya there didn't I?

3) Tool: Produce huggers

We go through a lot of produce in our household and are always coming across half-eaten fruits and veggie that are "still good" but won't be good for very long. Save them with these cute little food huggers. They act as a surrogate skin for the missing half of the fruit or veggie, keeping the air out until you are ready to use it. Purchase yours here.

Peace, love, and labelmakers y'all!


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