• Meg

Three things Thursday!

All the ladies in the house say yeeeaaahhh.

Do you find yourself rushing to get yourself (and...hmm..maybe other family members?) ready to get out of the house? I am always trying to cut my "getting ready" time down to 10 minutes without looking like I cut my "getting ready" time down to 10 minutes. You feel me ladies?

Here are 3 little numbers to save some time in the AM.

1) wardrobe

I'm sure that y'all all have a beautifully uncluttered bedroom closet right? If not, check out my closet organizing blog post right hizzzeeere. Well, how about using these little "days of the week" hanger doodads on Sunday night to plan your outfits for the week? They fit right on the hanger hook. Bonus - they will really make you realize which clothes you love and which clothes you need to toss (the clothes you don't wear never end up getting a "date" - need I say more?)

2) morning beverage

Are a coffee drinker, a tea drinker, or a smoothie drinker? Prepare your wake-up cocktail the night before. Set up your coffee to run 10 minutes before you get up. Pod person? Make sure it's all set to go into your fave mug. Gather all of your tea accoutrements in one place to easily get your brew on. Or put all of your smoothie business in a blender and stick the whole dang thing in the fridge.

3) ahhhh, pouch it. get up on this!

I use pouches for everything. My personal bag has a make-up pouch, a pouch for pen and paper (and phone charger), a wallet (sort of its own pouch), and an emergency pouch with band-aids, anti-bacterial lotion, gum and hair-ties. This makes changing out my handbags super fast. It also works great when exchanging my handbag for the kids' bag, which has its own pouches (snack pouch, a diaper/wipes pouch, a sunscreen/bug spray pouch, an activities pouch, and an d-list emergency clothing pouch, so if they have an accident I can dress them like tiny wacky people.)

Peace, love, and labelmakers y'all!


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