• Meg

Three things Thursday!

Even with the extra sales tax, Amazon is my Bae.

Remember when we all used to go to the mall and cruise our favorite chain store? Well, as sad as it is that the Abercrombies are dying, I'm not gonna lie that I find Amazon to be so much more fitting to my current lifestyle. I've been cruisin' the big 'Zon all evening for the below little gems.


1) Miles Kimball flexible mop

Yall. I don't know this Miles Kimball character, but he sure knows how to clean a floor and also, HOW TO CLEAN ITS ADJOINING FLOOR BOARDS. What a gentleman!

I could wax on about this all day, I mean truly...I'm floored. (Amazon, $16.00)

bendy mop

2) Yall know when mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy, right?

Look how unhappy this mama is with your prego spaghetti stains and egg debris! You need to clean your microwave! Now go make this mama proud. (Amazon $8.00)

microwave cleaner

3) Groove is in the heart.

Sooooo am I the only one who REALLY wants to get all the grime out of the window grooves? Just me? I mean, it is just soooooo SATISFYING. Get every little bit clean with this little number. (Amazon, $6.99)

Peace, love, and labelmakers,