• Meg

Three things Thursday!

3 reasons why...

So I talk about "stuff" like it's my job. Because, well... it is my job (insert bashful emoji). So why do we all have so much stuff? Why do we hold on to "things"? There are several reasons, but for today's 3 things, I'll delve into - you guessed it - 3 reasons why we just can't let go of stuff.

1) We attach memories and emotions to inanimate objects

When I write this out, it sounds cray cray, but we are ALL guilty of this. For instance, once my kids outgrow their toys, they will never, ever, be "baby" enough to enjoy them in the same way that they once did. And ya know what? That hurts my heart a little. Did I feel a little heartstring pulled when I decided to donate that singing rocking horse that once gave my children so much joy? Of course it did. But what good is it doing us sitting around taking up space (so much space! That thang was huge!)? I try to think about the next mom enjoying those same memories with her child, and it makes me feel better. Lose the stuff, keep the memories. If it helps, make sure you have a photo of your child playing with the toy (we have a gazillion on that horse, and the song it sang will live on, perhaps forever in my mind ;)). That's all you need to remember the joy it once brought you.

2) What if I need it?

I hear this one a lot. If you have not used it in a year - you probably do not actually "need" it, especially if it is an inexpensive item, the space it takes up is probably costing you more than the item itself. Think about all of the networks that we have now - can you borrow one of this item from your crew if you do indeed "need" it in the future? Can you get one cheap off of Facebook marketplace and then immediately re-sell it after usage? Do you really need to keep it? Most likely, the answer is no.

3) But my Father/Grandma/BFF/Hair stylist gave it to me

You should only have things in your home that you love or that are useful to you. Let me say that again. You should only have things in your home that you love or that are useful to you. Period. Keeping things that no longer serve you, just to save face with a loved one, is a waste of space, energy, and time. Your Father/Grandma/BFF/Hair Stylist will understand, I promise.

Now go on and get rid of all that stuff you don't need!