• Meg

Three things Thursday!

It's getting hot in here, so please fold all yo' clothes...

So y'all know I am a big fan of Marie Kondo. I've read her books and although they are not satirical - she basically cracks me up with her relationship to "things". I remember laughing out loud on the subway solo one morning

(yes, like a crazy person) while reading her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up. She was stressing how she folds all of her clothes vertically in her drawers and "files" them. And I was all - dat B is crazee!


And my life changed, magically. Here's how:


For some odd reason, the word "pants" makes me happy. I once had a cat named Orange Pants, but that's not what we're talking about right meow. Folding Pants. That's what I'm talking about. Folding pants the Marie Kondo way will instantly double your drawer space. What's more (I know - there's more!), is that you will be able to SEE all of your pants at once! You will know instantly what you have and where it is. Space saving, time saving, AND money saving, because you won't go out and buy duplicates. WERK! PANTS!

Photo: rd.com

Okay now for the real crazy part - how do your store your folded pants upright? Here it is, bask in the efficiency (this is an aeriel view of a drawer)...

Photo: Mintlyblog


Same thing with t-shirts, except it is even more beautiful because there is no crotch to get in the way or your perfect folding. Ya feel me?