• Meg

Three things Thursday!

Wave your Hemnes in the air, and Ektorp like you just don't care!

A buddy of mine went to our nearest IKEA (2.5 hours away) last weekend and asked me if I wanted her to pick anything up for the ole organizing biz. I had to take a deep breath and really play it cool.

me: "yeeaaaah, I guess 1 or two things if you don't mind" (literally breaking into a sweat internally checking list of 45 items from Ikea to narrow it down to 1-2)

Here are my top 3 BESTA Ikea buys.


I AM OBSESSED WITH DRAWER ORGANIZER BINS. I have been completely cleaned out of drawer organizer bins in the last month. Now, thanks to my bud, I am completely re-stocked. I Konmarie everything in these bad boys. And a pack is only $6.99! ORGANIZING FOR DAYZZZZZ YALLZ.


You can KALLAX knowing that you can split your shelving with these bad boys. And the gold color makes it pretty! And can you beat $9.99! No, no you can't.


You look so nice! Would you take a KOMPLEMENT already? I've taken several (well, actually, I paid for them). Scarves, sunglasses, ties, tights, belts - what else ya got? $5.99 - seriously.

Ikea ya' real soon!

Peace, love, and labelmakers!