• Meg

Three things Thursday!

Hack it to me.

Um. I'll make no qualms about it - I loves me some hacks. And as a typical American, I loves me car. So here are a couple of hacks to make your ride a little smoother.

1) Receipt Pouch

A client of mine told be recently that her car was where receipts go to die. It made me so sad, thinking about those poor Starbucks receipts knocking around like tumbleweeds in her Toyota. There is no dignity whatsoever in that fate. Well, I happen to do a lot of "drive-through-ing" (pneumatic tube anyone?). And I save EVERY receipt (I hope my accountant is reading this!). So how can I avert the inevitable receipt graveyard? Well, I have a handy little velcro pouch that I keep in my driver's side car door. I shove those receipts in willy-nilly to be sorted out at a later date. But they are compiled and safe and out of sight until I do!

2) Napkin Pouch

Okay I realize that this blog most makes it sound like we have fast food for every meal (we might). But what to do with all of those napkins that drive-through establishments push on you? I have small children, and they are beautiful and amazing...but they are also disgusting. Really disgusting. I need to keep napkins on hand, but not stuffed in the console or the glove compartment like a barbarian drives my bus. Enter pouch number 2 - also in said driver's side car door, for easy access to napkins until "someone" learns how to eat a soft serve properly. You feel me?

3) Grocery getter

I'm just gonna leave this video right here so you can bask in the "Cart Bags" efficient glory. Such a clever name and PS I love this kid. Keep this little ditty in your trunk next to your yoga mat. $34.95 here.

Peace, love, and labelmakers y'all!