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Three things Thursday!

Age ain't nuthin' but a number? My pill dispenser disagrees.

So - I've taken a few ego hits this week. Been called m'am more than I would like to admit. Got about 700 prescriptions for vitamin supplements, AND I had to buy tickets for my 20th high school reunion. All of these are making me happy I buy wine in bulk. Here are a couple of items that can make getting older SO MUCH BETTER. ;)

1) Pill Dispenser

So you guys are going to be hearing more and more about your "Micro Biome" and "Healing your gut" in the news. It's a big thing all of the sudden. Evidently all of that toxicity that we unknowingly endured in the raging 80s through our NKOTB/N'SYNC plastic table settings have ruined our health and now causing all sorts of trouble with ye 'ole immune system. But there are ways to fix this...and it involves about 700 supplements. Here is how I am going to organize that situation. $24.70 Here.

Y'all don't hate. I'm old. I do wish they had it in disco ball color. Maybe I'll head to Hobby Lobby and get out the glue gun. Stay tuned!

2) Onion Goggles

My eyeballs "used to could" handle anything. But as I have gotten older they can't handle anything, especially onions. So I got myself a pair of onion goggles. They protect your eyes from painful onion vapor AND they look great with my mom jeans. $17.99 here.

3) Wifi Extender

Because who has time to go "find the internets"? $43.87 here.

Peace, love, and labelmakers y'all!


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