• Meg

Three things Thursday!

Favorite organizing products.

I gave a little presentation at the library this week and I was feeling like it was pretty comprehensive, until I got the question - "What are some of your favorite organizing products?". Well, I have many, but I didn't have a slide for them! So I will showcase 3 of them right here and now.

For my clients, I like to keep the cost low. And for interiors of drawers and cabinets, what is most important is that they work well (looking pretty is only a bonus!). Here are 3 of my favorites!

1) for dresser or closet drawers

I've gone through about 8 packs of these this month alone. I need an Amazon button for these guys! I use the konmari folding method where I can (so clothes stand vertically, read more here), and these little cubes hold your clothing securely so nothing falls over. I buy the Ikea ones when I'm around one, they are more colorful and less expensive. But this link below to the Sodynee ones are a little more durable. $15.00 @ Amazon.

2) For shallow drawers (office, kitchen, laundry)

I use these trays ALL THE TIME. They are super cheap and get the job DONE. $8.99 for a pack of 3.

Dolla dolla bins y'all! I use these bins for anything small. I often combine them with the above mentioned trays. They come in all sizes and fit standard drawers. I call them dollar store bins (but mostly I buy them at Wal-mart for cheaper than they are in this link).

3) magazine holders

I love these things. I actually use them for everything but holding magazines. 3 for $10.00.