• Meg

Three things Thursday!

You do what????

People are always interested in hearing about Professional Organizing. I pretty much hear the same questions all the time. And I am happy to answer them again, because basically, I love my job. Here are the top 3 questions that I get on a daily basis, and their answers for your reading pleasure.

1) Do you have a Pinterest home?

The answer here is no in some places and yes in others. Being organized is mostly about efficiency and order, and making sure you can find things when you need them. That sometimes means open topped toy bins and messy labels. Doesn’t always have to be pretty, it just has to work for you.

2) So you work with hoarders?

The answer here is no, a really BIG no. I work with busy people who prioritize life experiences and family over having a tidy home. Hoarding is a disease that requires psychological assistance. I am not trained to work with hoarders.

There are 3 things that my clients have in common:

1) they are busy

2) they have not learned how to set up and keep systems that work for them

3) they WANT to be organized and they are ready to do so.

So no, not hoarders, mostly just normal, busy people, who are about to get organized.

3) How long will organizing take?

My answer to this is it depends on the client. Some people want to talk about every single file that they have saved since 1982 and why they have saved it, while others are ready to let go more easily. The organizing time frame is completely client-owned. I also like to tell people that it didn't take an hour to accumulate the clutter, and although I do move quickly, it may take longer than you think to sort it and put it away.