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Three things Thursday!

Three tips, tricks, or helpful products to perk up your week. :)

1) Some About Space marketing love here. I had the pleasure of presenting a segment on "Good Afternoon Arkansas" with Barry Brandt and Elicia Dover on Monday. We covered one of my favorite topics, how to organize kids' artwork. I hope you'll check it out!

I'll also be giving a talk this afternoon at noon at UAMS: From piles to files, how to organize your office and keep it that way. If you are a UAMS associate, please drop by!

2) 25% off Keepy.me prints!!!

So everyone who knows me knows how much I love the Keepy app. I have all of my children's artwork (like, all of it) stored chronologically by child in the cloud. And I can have it printed in a book (or on anything really) anytime I want. And now you can too withthe 25% off coupon! Go to keepy.me and use the coupon code CHANNEL7 to redeem now!

the keepy app

3) The Keepy Blog

Okay, so more Keepy love. But I really do enjoy their blog. And the latest article has some great tips on digital photography (something I struggle with). I hope you will all check it out! CLick the pic for the link.

Peace, love, and labelmakers y'all!


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