• Meg

Three things Thursday!

Three tips, tricks, or helpful products to perk up your week. :)

Every once in awhile, an app comes along that really makes life easier. Last week I told you about Keepy, one of my favorite apps for storing my kids' artwork. Below are 3 more apps that save me time.

1) LastPass.

Ummm, anyone have a hard time remembering all 32 variations of the "your" password? I know passwords are used to secure your account from anyone who wants to break in, but what if I need to break in because I can't remember my password? Check out www.lastpass.com, it's a simple site that uses multi level encryption to secure your password. It's so encrypted that even the LastPass employees can't unlock your account.

2) Cozi

A client actually told me about the Cozi app and it's been a life-changer. Yes, it is a calendar, BUT, it's so much more. It helps you organize YOUR FAMILY. You can keep all your entire squad (and anyone else you want to invite) included - and alerted (if you choose), to any event, practice, to-do list, etc.. But my favorite part of the app is the shared grocery list. Anyone can add or check off items at any time. Pretty useful when the hubbs is going on an impromptu Kroger trek. Get it here: http://www.cozi.com/

3) Key Ring App

Do you have 18 "loyalty" or "membership" cards hanging off of your keys? Or better yet, do you have them scattered about your home and various places, never available when you are fumbling with your coupons in the checkout lane? Download this app for your mobile device, scan your cards and be done with them! Check it out here: https://keyringapp.com/