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Three things Thursday!

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Three tips, tricks, or helpful products to perk up your week. :)

Okay, so you've just gotten your home organized. But three weeks later you are back to square one. WHY doesn't your organization plan "stick"?

Here are 3 reasons.

1) Make sure your items' "homes" don't require too many steps

I had a client once who regularly had to write checks for her small business. But she was always misplacing her checkbook. So then she decided to make a special "home" for her checkbook... in a box - with a lid - in a drawer - in her home office. One of the problems is that she did all of her work/check writing at her kitchen table. So now when she needed to use her checkbook, she had to get up, walk from the kitchen to the office, open the drawer, open the lid, retrieve her checkbook, close the lid, close the drawer, and walk back to the kitchen to write her check. 7 steps. I can guarantee you that her method did not last long. There were too many steps involved for an action that she takes every day. Keep it simple. When storing "most used" items, use as few steps as possible!

2) Keep it where you use it most

This pretty much goes hand in hand with point one, but keep things where you use them. If you are a client of mine you have heard me bring up the term "prime real estate". These are the certain spots in each room where accessibility is highest. Keep the things you use most often in those "prime real estate" areas. Things you use less often can go into harder to reach storage areas. Your iron does not belong in the garage. Your Stapler does not belong in your bedroom (unless that is your preferred work space ;) ). Likewise, if you use scissors in every room and often, store a pair in every room.

3) Work hard to keep the clutter to a minimum

This seems pretty obvious, but instead of putting that junkmail in a pile, throw it in the recycling bin. The same applies to anything that come into your home that you already know you don't want to hold on to. "Practice" being mindful when you are handling objects. For instance, if you are getting dressed and you realize your beloved shirt has an unfixable rip or stain, don't hang it back up - throw it directly in the garbage.

Peace, love, and labelmakers y'all!