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Three things Thursday!

Hello Thursday friends! Hope y'all had a great Halloween and have made a full recovery from your candy hangovers (just me?).

Three tips, tricks, or helpful products to perk up your week. :)

Today I'm talking about momentum. Have you ever organized a part of your home only to stop in the middle because you've LOST momentum? I see it all the time. Bags of clothing donations rolling around in the back of a car, items that belong to friends left sitting next to the front door, clients lost in a box of photos - there are all sorts of tasks left unfinished. When de-cluttering and organizing, it's REALLY easy to get sidetracked. Here are 3 ways to focus and get your momentum to see you through to the end of your organizing project.

1) Visualize your results

Okay this may sound a little cheesey, but when I start to organize a space, I really focus on visualizing the end usage. I know I'm always talking about "prime real estate", but it's important to locate your PRE in your space when you start a project. And when you pull everything out to assess and de-clutter, visualize in your mind all of the the most-used items that will go back to that prime real-estate area. Also, if you are doing some major de-cluttering - know ahead of time that you need to tack on time to drop off donations! Visualize that drive!

**These are my space visualization goggles. JUST KIDDING! (snort)

2) Take breaks, hydrate, and SET A TIMER

I am such a MOM with this one. But this IS important, organizing is hard and mentally exhausting. Set a timer for 45 minutes and get up and move around, have some WATER. You might find that you are bogged down in a box of photos, but when your timer dings you'll know it's time to move on to the next thing.

3) Identify next steps

If you are stuck and the breaks and water don't help, make a list of next steps. Likely to be included are things like - take bags to drop off at Goodwill, bring phone charger back to Becky, install shelf - writing down these finite actions will help you finish the project. If you can't do them right away, set an alert in your calendar as a reminder.

I hope this has helped some of you get un-stuck from an organizing rut!

Peace, love, and labelmakers y'all!


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