• Meg

Three things Thursday!

Hey hey hey It's Thursday (for real this time)! Let's talk about donating to those in need.

We had a wonderful 2017. Ironically, ours didn't work out as we expected or as we had hoped, but everyone here is healthy and loved, and that's all that is really important as far as goals. As the year comes to an end, I wanted to write about the spirit of giving to those that are less fortunate, and what you and I can do to help those in need to transition into a better life. Here are 3 things that homeless shelters can really use this time of year.

I help clients get rid of things they they don't need all year long. But usually, we don't separate anything out, we tend to just put items into a couple of bags and donate it to one of the usual donation centers. BUT, I wanted to point out that there are several things that many people in homeless or transitional status could really use, and I hope that you will think of them when sorting through the belongings that you no longer want (I certainly will be paying closer attention in 2018!).

1) Socks, warm clothes, towels, blankets and sheets:

Homeless shelters are always looking for these items. It's cold out there, even in our warm state the nights can hold a bitter chill. Socks of any kind are welcome. Donate your old coats and blankets as well. Whereas condition is an issue with donation facilities such as Goodwill and Salvation army, condition is not as important when it comes to immediate use items. What is most important is that they are usable, warm, and clean.

In Little Rock, Hangers Cleaners accepts coats year round: http://hangersar.com/community-involvement/

And the Little Rock Union Mission has a Sock and Underwear drive:


2) Personal care items

Think about the items that you could not live without for a day or 2 - personal hygiene products, toiletries, reading glasses - It's the same for the homeless.

Anything new and unused that you know is not your favorite brand and fragrance, but you might be holding on to "just because" may be donated to a homeless shelter.

One of my favorite organizations, Lucie's place, is always looking for these items for the guests that they help:


3) Bras

When a woman needs to exit a bad situation, extra bras and undergarments may be the last thing on her mind, yet when faced with whether to buy food or a $15.00 bra, the bra will lose. That's why I love the idea of www.Bracycling.com. Just fill out a form for a free postage slip and you can send those bras off to someone in need.