• Meg

Three things Thursday!

And a Happy New Year to you and you and you!!!

So what resolutions did you make this year? I have 3 simple ones that will last you all year long and then some...

1) Organize your morning:

In 2018, how about vowing to change just one thing about your morning in a positive way? Here are a few ideas ( JUST DO ONE):

• Set your alarm 15 minutes early and do some stretching.

• Set up your coffee so you need to only press a button to brew it in the AM

• Lay out your clothes

• Make a healthier breakfast

2) Organize your contacts: no, not the ones in your eyes (snort)

See that stack of Christmas cards? They all have return addresses on their envelopes (if you haven't tossed them yet, but if you have, go you!). Go binge watch the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (you'll thank me later) and start entering them in you contact list. You can also get out ye old address bookee and start entering from there too! While you're at it, delete any exes (kidding!) or randos you deemed necessary to input.

3) Organize yo' billllzzzz:

Have you ever heard of these things called stamps? They're little square stickers that people used to put on envelopes to send off bills and christmas cards.

Wait - really? You still use them? That's so cute! Welp, there's this thing called the internet now and you can pay all your bills with the punch of a button! It saves time and trees!


Peace, love, and labelmakers y'all!