• Meg

Three things Thursday!

Do you have paper problems? I'm here to help.

I have been dealing with BOXES of clients' paper most of this week!

Super fun for me (yes, I'm a clutter weirdo), :) but not so super fun for clients. Much of this surplus is actually unopened mail or mail that has no "home" to land in. Here are some tips to stop the paper before it stops you...

1) Stop general junkmail once and for all.

Even in this digital age, your home address is still a commodity that can be bought and sold to junk mail lists. Go to http://www.dmachoice.org and enter your info to get off of these lists. Please keep in mind, it can take up to 90 days for the flow to stop since many mailings are already in print or production.


2) Stop credit card solicitors.

I don't need another credit card and most likely neither do you. So why do credit card companies pummel us with this useless junk? Those poor trees! Anyhoo, here's a link to get your information away from credit card solicitors.


2) Stop unwanted catalogs:

How many catalogs do you receive a day? Do you ever order from them? Or do you just go online and order? Catalog Choice is a non-profit company where you can pick and choose which catalogs you want to receive and which cannot be mailed to you. Just go to their website and make it happen!


Also don't forget O.H.I.O! Only handle it once. Anything from the mail that you don't want should go immediately to recycling!