• Meg

Three things Thursday!

Have you ever thought about organizing...your dining room?

Although many of us do not formally dine much in our homes anymore (hats of to those of you who do! Literally though, remove your hat, it's dinner time ya bum! (snort)). The dining room is still a place that needs to be kept tidy for those times you need to roll out the bells and whistles.

1) Cull ye napkins and linens.

Like everything else, store like with like. Take out all of your linens and group them together by family. Give them a good inspection and send some out the the dry cleaner if necessary! And any that have seen better days, it's okay to toss them!

2) Fold them up in a skubb.

Skubbs are my FAVORITE organizers for drawers and clothing (and clothing IN drawers). You can fold up just about anything and "file" them. Here is a linen drawer I did recently.

2) Re-evaluate your dishware and serving pieces.

Here's a thought - try thinking about your dishware in a different way. Ask yourself these questions:

• If you saw this plate/dish/platter again in a store today - would you buy it?

• Now look closer - is any of it chipped or in disrepair? You may want to either fix or toss those guys out.

• Do you have too many? Is there anything you really don't love or are holding on to because someone else wanted you to have them?