• Meg

Three things Thursday!

Whew lort it has been a crazy week!

So we are about 3 weeks in to our new home and it pretty much has not stopped raining since we moved. Last week my car was broken into in our DRIVEWAY! Due to a tag-teaming of grocery bringing-in, ONE of us (hint, not me) didn't lock the car properly and some jerk nabbed my cup o' change from my console and a few other little items that were luckily not worth too much. BUT no one was hurt and no harm done except a bruised big ole fat WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD. Oy vey. And THEN - the one ceiling that we didn't replace (the garage) fell in on top of all of the stuff we had yet to unpack! And then my dear 2 year old son HIT ANOTHER CHILD AT SCHOOL. O. M. G.! The other child was okay but I was mortified, and of course, worried that I am bringing up some sort of terrible person. . And now the torrential rain - is. leaking. into our crawl space and into the kids' bedroom. UGH.

So needless to say - it has been a week.

BUT I once heard a motivational speaker say, that when things are bad and you feel like you have nothing left to give - that's the time when you really should be giving. Luckily, things are really not THAT bad, but I think it's good advice to take. I want to say YES to giving and to say YES to promoting causes that I love. SO - here's what I'm giving away this week!

1) Silent Auction Session 1

Westover Hills is a lovely church in Little Rock with an amazing preschool. They are having a chili supper to benefit the both this Friday evening at 5:30. You can stop by, have a bowl of chili, a glass of wine, and bid on a 3-hour organizing package that I am donating!!!

2) Silent Auction Session 2

I just found out that a lovely friend of mine is chairing an event to benefit camp Aldersgate - Aldersgate After Dark on Friday, May 18, 2018. For those of you unfamiliar, Camp Aldersgate is Arkansas’s only non-profit organization uniquely dedicated to serving children and youth with special needs and senior adults in a camp environment. The event also has a silent auction and they will be receiving a free About Space organizing session to auction off as well!