• Meg

Three things Thursday!

Are y'all ready to Spring forward?

We'll be springing forward an hour this weekend. I love to use this time of year as a reminder to do some annual home maintenance. Here are 3 things that you may want to take care of this week.

OH! And I hope you'll check out more spring cleaning tips in the March edition of Arkansas Life Magazine!


1) Change your air filters

So you should change your air filters every 3 months (more often if you have pets or allergies). So if you always change them during daylight savings, you'll only need to remember to change them 2 other times per year. But if you really want to take the thinking out of it (because, like, do we neeeed more to think about more stuff?), you can sign up for a filter subscription service like www.filtereasy.com. Not only are they cheaper than are they would be in a brick and mortar store, they arrive on a schedule and shipping is free.

2) Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Press and hold the test button on the detector. It can take a few seconds to begin, but a loud, ear-piercing siren should emanate from the detector while the button is pressed. If the sound is weak or nonexistent, replace your batteries.

3) Wash your windows

I learned this from my Mama! Wash your windows in the Springtime. Try to do inside and out. The magic concoction is using vinegar with newspaper print! Mama said!

Peace, love, and labelmakers y'all!