• Meg

Three things Thursday!

I'll be sharing tips on how to best organize your closet for Spring tomorrow on Good Afternoon Arkansas, channel 7 at 3PM! But you can have a sneak peek at 3 things I'll be presenting with the crew.


1) Y'all are grown-ups right?

It's time to ditch those awful dry-cleaner hangers and make a small investment in your clothing and your closet (not like a real investment, you can get a bunch of the flocked kind for $23.00). Overall your closet will look better, and your clothing will be better taken care of. I promise you'll be hooked. ;)

2) The "hanger hack"

Y'all may already know about this one, but for those who don't, a great way to edit your closet is to use this hanger hack. At the beginning of each season, turn all of your hangers around so the open end is facing you. Everytime you wear a garment, put it back with the opening facing away from you. At the end of the season, you'll know what you wore (now hung properly) and what you didn't wear (still hung backwards).

3) Hang your empty hangers together on a seperate hook

Here are things that slow me down when I'm in my closet (and if I'm being honest, totally annoy me):

• Trying to find empty hangers amidst your hanging clothes

• Getting your hanging clothes caught on empty hangers

• Buying more hangers because I can't find enough empty hangers