• Meg

Three things Thursday!

I hope you caught my closet organizing tips last week on Good Afternoon Arkansas! But in case you didn't, here's a link. :)

I've had such a great week organizing! I've cleaned out 2 closets and storage unit. And I cannot emphasize enough how calming and zen it is for clients to get rid of clutter and keep only what they need and love.

Speaking of which, I wanted to share 3 questions I often ask clients when they are stuck on a decision on whether to keep an item around. Thinking about your stuff in a different way helps you to realize when it should no longer belong with you.

1) If you saw it in a store today - would you buy it?

If you were on the fence, the answer is usually "no". Does it still work? Does it still fit? We hold on to things for TONS of reasons, but if it's not something you truly love enough to buy again, it should go on to fulfill its destiny elsewhere.

2) Have you worn or used this item in the last year?

Visit any garage in the US and I can almost guarantee that you will find clutter from hobbies long gone. Roller blades? Paintball gun? Ab Roller? It's awesome to try new hobbies/styles/etc. but if it doesn't fit - you must a-quit (quit keeping stuff you no longer use that is (snort)). Donate to a local charity to see if these items are a good fit for someone else.