• Meg

Three things Thursday!


Almost every client that I work with has boxes upon boxes of "old" photos. Some clients have photos scattered in stacks in every single room, some are in albums, and some have rolls yet to be developed. And of course now we all have digital photos. WHAT TO DO WITH ALL OF IT? It can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to reduce your collection to those photos that you truly cherish and how to digitize those photos to be available to you forever.

1) Purge:

Back in the day we took so many photos because we didn't have the option to review/delete/re-take a photo. Dump those dupes, and if you have several "re-takes" of the same subject matter, pick the best one and toss the rest.

2) Go chronological.

Now that you have selected your finest moments, go back into your memory banks and start sorting by year. You can also do a general sort by interims, i.e. baby, preschool, elementary, middle school, high school, undergrad, first job, etc.

3) Find a forever home for your photos:

Okay so I did my research on how to digitize, store and preserve your photos for years to come. I chose Forever.com for my collection for the following reasons:

• They offer digitizing, so if you don't want to scan in every single photo, they will do it for you (Or ya know, call a sister and I'll scan them for you!).

• Unlike Google photo, Amazon photo, and Facebook, you maintain the full rights to the photos you upload (many of these companies are allowed to use your photos in anyway the like, including losing them).