• Meg

Three things Thursday!


So even though I try to ALWAYS store like with like in ye ole blogge, sometimes the category of Three Things Thursday is just random new stuff that I'm excited about. I thank you for not hatin'!

1) I started a New Facebook Group (eeeeee!):

I recently discovered a FB group called "Get busy sister" and it's all about women motivating others to clean their homes. I know it sounds silly, but seeing other people's messes and knowing that we all share the struggle has helped me learn what motivates (and de-motivates - new word y'all...) and has likewise helped my clients. I decided to start a similar group of my own that focuses just on organizing and minimizing, rather than cleaning, and I hope you'll join. Prior to this, I had toyed with the idea of forming a "clutter club" for almost a year, one that would meet in person to hold each other accountable, but realized that most of my clients are far too busy with life/kids/work to hit up a coffee shop to just chat about STUFF. So I created this group for anyone who would like to learn more about organizing their homes and office spaces and join the journey to live a clutter free life. The group is called

Decluttering and Organizing: Ideas and Encouragement

And you can join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/112554532880626/

I hope you'll join me

2) Ants.

Y'all. I am a lover, not a fighter. But that love ceases when it comes to ants in my home. As a long-time Northerner, I have never had an ant problem (we had other, larger, pests). But now that we are in Arkansas, whhhheewww boy there are ants. Sugar ants to be specific. And with a 3 year old and a 4 year old in the kitchen, my ants think they are at the Cheesecake Factory. SO. So I'm ridding of them. 1/2 cup sugar, 1.5 T Borax (yes, Borax), 1.5 C warm water, stir together, douse some cotton balls, and strategically plant them on tin foil around the offending areas. They will be attracted to the sugar and bring the Borax back to the Queen. I know it's ruthless, but they have left me know alternatives but to move, and we are not moving. ;)