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Three things Thursday!

So what are you waiting for?

I have found myself mentioning to several clients and friends this week that at one point, when I launched my business, I hired a life and business coach. For me, it was one of the best things I could have done for myself to launch my business (and to continue to grow and launch other businesses, check out my web design, and virtual styling at Wardrobe Rx). Sometimes you know what you need to do, but you need to have someone give you a little guidance. I wanted to hi-light 3 things that my coach instilled in me.

1) My favorite question from my coach was this: If you had unlimited funds, but had to do something, what job would you be doing a year from now?

This, my friends, is how I am now a Professional Organizer with my own business, also doing graphic design, fashion styling and handbag design on the side. Because that is exactly what my answer was 2.5 years ago when Anna Goldstein asked me this question. And now it's real. How 'bout dat?

2) Start before you're ready. I now tell people this ALL THE TIME. Sometimes you just have to jump in before you think too much about it. If you are a client of mine - do you recall any gentle prodding on my part? To get something you wanted? But maybe you didn't know you wanted or you weren't ready for? START. Just start. It's okay - you can tweak your biz/website/image/closet along the way, but you'll never be able to do that if you don't just launch and START.


You know that weird scene in Harry Potter where he cast a Patronus to save himself in the past from the Dementors? And he was like "I knew that I already did it, so I knew I could do it again". This is kind of true with all success. You have probably already succeeded at so many levels and things in your lifetime. You might be an awesome mom, dad, daughter, or friend. You may have been awesome in school, or a great Painter or Writer or Scientist. Guess what, success is success is success, You can do it again, because most likely, you already have. Go cast your Patronus y'allz! I believe in you. :)

Peace, love, and labelmakers!


PS thanks to Anna Goldstein for your guidance and inspiration (hugs and hearts)

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